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How to boost sales by playing on the heartstrings of your customers

Emotions play a very important roll in whether or not a customer goes through with a purchase and because of that it should be very important to you, a business that is selling a product, to find what appeals to your customer the most. In this case, it’s sadvertising. Sadvertising is a new word for an old concept, marketing to individuals using their emotions to convince them that you are the company they want to buy from.

Statistically, brands that connect with their buyers on an emotional level earn twice over what other marketers make who are still trying to sell the product and not what the product makes you feel; not to mention buyers who feel an emotional connection to a brand are 60% more likely to consider purchasing and even pay a higher premium than those who feel nothing for a brand at all! 

Black Peak, listened and responded; came up with a refreshingly positive take on traditional “Sadvertising” and impressed not only their client but their whole team with this “far too cute to be an ad” concept. Employing man’s best friend, a lovable corgi named Tater Tot as the star of the show, Black Peak advertised the product as the new must-have in-home pet solution to make sure that your precious pup never feels confined to rooms full of comfy couches to lay on ever again.  

Even after the shoot wrapped, Black Peak was still on hand to make sure that their client was happy with the final project. A few revisions later, some extra dog treats for Tater, a coffee for the dog wrangler and a raving review on the new ad; Black Peak launched its very own spin on a sadvertisment and watched it take off. Want to see your sales increase by 60%? Get in touch with Black Peak Creative here and discover how your business could benefit from sadvertising and so much more. 

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