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Growing Brand Awareness and sales for a niche market.

Next month sees the launch of the newest and best way to get out your anger and get in a good arm workout; enter Urban Axe Throwing, a trendy, new spot located in the industrial part of a quiet city, you might not automatically assume that its the most popular, but Urban Axe Throwing is most definitely one of the cities hidden gems.

As a hangout spot, Urban Axe Throwing ticks all the boxes. Open atmosphere, airy interior, good music, tons of fun for everyone involved and not a dull moment in any of their many axe throwing lanes. As a date night spot, it hits the mark, prime opportunity to show your first date how good your upper arm strength is, how great you are at hitting the bullseye every single time and how convenient that you two get the lane all to yourself. As a family hangout spot, it never fails to entertain and excite. Giving mom and dad some time to go grab a coffee while the knowledgeable staff teach your little ones how to hurl axes into plywood. Safely.

When Black Peak was given the opportunity to work with Urban Axe throwing to create a one of a kind experience for their guests and to market it to everyone in a way that really showed people how much fun axe throwing can be, Black Peak jumped on the challenge and created a one of a kind video production, flawlessly showcasing the impressive space, vibey atmosphere and giving guests of the kind of experience they can expect to receive time and time again.

Man pulls axe from board.

Urban Axe Throwing was thrilled with what Black Peak came up with and you could be too. Learn what Black Peak can do for your new hot hangout of the season by getting in touch with us here!

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